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This year we are pleased to announce that yet again we are partnered with emailSanta.com. emailSanta.com is a well known and very established website that runs a Santa Tracker and displays his route since 1997. The site has a very strict policy about not only respecting and protecting children's safety and privacy, but, when able and appropriate, taking action to safeguard their well being.  emailSanta.com began when a 1997 Canada Post strike prevented the Head Elf's young niece and nephews from sending their letters to Santa. Solely from word of mouth, over 1,000 emails to Santa were received in a few short weeks. A year later, emailSanta.com was receiving 1,000 emails a day. Now, 2 decades online, emailSanta.com receives roughly 1 million emails a year.


Ho, Ho, Ho.... Can you help me to beat the computer?  All you have to do is get a full line of 3 presents, by clicking on the Christmas Tree's below to win..!

level 0 -- the Computer is totally dumb.
level 1 -- Computer is smarter (original version).
level 2 -- You MAY win (only when you start).
level 3 -- Computer NEVER lose.

Other websites that might interest you....


The 2023 Santa Watch Webcam has been sponsored by:-

Mind Games Southport

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Yet again, a BIG thank you goes to Southport's Psychic Robot for allowing us to use their music again.

Please note that links on this website page are checked for being child safe, but should be used at user discretion.

You can also watch on YouTube here!

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This online newspaper and information service is regulated by IMPRESS the independent monitor for the UK's press.